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My Snuffles

I don't remember when I first got my Snuffles. I must have been too young, though I vaguely remember seeing lots of them in stores, available in (I think) brown, blue, pink, and white. Mine was brown. Over the years, as others have mentioned, Snuffles (Snuffy, Snuff) became something of an alter ego. He was "Uncle Snuffy" to a couple of my brother's bears. In my imagination he did more than just comfort me. He journeyed throughout the galaxy in his ship, The Hyperfast GrrBear (of the same make and model as the Millennium Falcon,) comforting the disturbed. I always pictured him with something he called a "Wonker," basically a big wobbly rod, with which he could sweep away the bad guys should the need arise. He was a hero.
I think I've often been attracted to such characters. I just dug out my old tackle box with my remaining Warhammer 40,000 miniatures. My favorite was always Apothecary Corbulo- basically a highly glorified medic. In a galaxy full of violence he was a healer.
I love the pictures of different Snuffles on this journal. They're adorable. I remember reading once that someone suggested that Snuffles would be a great gift for a baby, to keep all their life. I've pondered the idea of donating him if a close friend of mine has a child in the future. At the same time, I have this strange concern about Snuffles not being appreciated as much as when he was mine. On general principle, I don't want a dog chewing on him in the future, or anything like that.
Today, Snuffles sits on a little shelf in the corner of my brother's room, near the ceiling. Five years ago, as I left the house to go away to school, I made a detour into that room and scratched Snuffles on the chin and behind the ears.
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