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Snuffles Rules! ( 'o' )

Snuffles Bear
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A little History ...

Throughout their 105 year history, Gund have become the best known and respected soft toy company in the industry. Snuffles is a Gund icon, introduced over 20 years ago in 1980. He is incredibly soft and hugggable.

I read somewhere that the Snuffles design was by the mother of one of Gund's presidents, who was inspired by the shape of a beautiful crescent moon, which is where the Snuffles "hump" side profile comes from. How beautiful!

What you can do ...

This community is create for all you Snuffles lovers out there to discuss and show your love for our cute little friend. Please post pictures of your Snuffles. Share new any information you might have.

Some Useful Links ...

Snuffles @ Bear St. - a place where you can purchase Snuffles
Snuffles Yahoo! Group

gundsnuffles is maintained by meow124who is a collector of all types of Snuffles and has spent a small fortune on them and loves them all.

* No promoting of other communities here please *